Things You Must Know About the Lie Detector Test Exams

Polygraphic test is considered to be very important to a number of departments or institutions in order to prove the innocence of a person. The result of a lie detector test may not be acceptable as evidence in a court, but they can somehow turn the tables around and may influence people.

How does a lie detector mechanism work?

  • By Determining the Changes in Blood Pressure: Here, the blood pressure is generally measured through a cardio-sphygmograph cuff, which is tied on the upper arm of the person. Then a length of rubber is attached to the cuff and it starts working after switching it on. So, if a digital polygraph is used, then the signals are measured and converted into electrical signals.
  • The Respiratory rate: this test 2 air-filled rubber tubes are placed around the chest and abdomen of the person. Here the displacement of air takes place in order to measure the results when the chest or abdomen muscles expand.

There are polygraphs available that tend to study the movements of arms and the legs while a person is on for a lie detector test. Additionally, the activities mentioned above involve a series of question answering in order to determine the physiological changes. Also, the signals are recorded on a strip of a paper as the polygraph.

It may seem very simple, but it is used only to detect a lie. The results will also have better chances of being accurate, efficient or precise, especially when the test is being performed by the certified examiners. A lie detector is not just a machine that you see in the movies where the bad guy is asked questions to prove that he is guilty. There are several factors that surround a lie detector as well as there are various situations where the test can be done.

There are many companies that specialized in performing a lie detector test. So, if you need to have the test done due to some reasons, then you can simply contact them for more information in terms of the scope or the process involved.

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