Know the leader of Canadian business: Blake Goldring

To become leader you don’t have to be a born leader one of the example of such kind is Blake Charles Goldring. He is the chief executive officer and the chairman of AGF management and also the founder of non-partisan organization which supports the Canadian military officer and their families. Blake Goldring is graduated from Victoria College at the University of Toronto as all his family members graduated from the same university.

In order to pay the honor to the university he has studied many legacy has been given by him. Extra benefits like learning support and physical fitness and to enhance the extra-curricular activities of the students has been provided by him. The Goldring Student center will help the student to believe that they are in home away from home and it also allows the students to develop their extra knowledge other than studies.

Blake Charles Goldringhas become the most remarkable alumni’s of the University but has done many great things to the students of the University. Goldring is the director of Sunnybrook health science center in Toronto and he is also the one among the governors of Royal Military College. He is also one of the regiments of the country’s most important and the useful regiments. In the year of 2006 Blake Charles Goldring has joined the Royal Regiment of Canada and in the same year he also founded the Canadian company many ways to serve. A charitable trust has been formed with a group of 450 members who has been providing their continued support to the military people and their family who has been serving the country of Canada.

To appreciate his loyalty to the Canadian army he has been appointed as the Colonel of the Army which is the great honor for the person. He is not only serving the military forces of the country but also serves their family. This will help in understanding the requirement of the people and has also started the profitable organization. Many Universities has honored him with many awards to appreciate his service.


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