Food Plays A Main Role For Our Health

Always better to analyze the food and intake only which is rich in nutrients. Healthy food helps man to keep his body fit and protects from the attack of diseases. Food is the major requirement for the life of each and every living being. Having good and nutritious food is necessity for all humans. Though they have several things for consumption, it is Instead of having useless junk foods; everyone can try to have natural fruits and vegetables. In junk foods the mixing of chemicals is high, so it is not good for health and may also results in number of health issues. Fruits and vegetable are rich in nutrients and vitamins and they supply the nutrients required for human body.

People can eat any fruit daily and eating one fruit is take fruits daily as it is very good for health and prevents from diseases. Fruits also add glow to the skin thereby playing their role is not limited to health but also important in beauty. If an individual intake fruits daily they can become more beauty and they do not old grow quickly, due to the anti-aging properties present in the fruits they look young. Raw fruits and vegetables are good for health because they are free of chemicals and do not cause any harm. Drinking more water is good for health, because body needs more water to function properly. Water can heal a lot of health diseases and they are also suggested for people to maintain a good health.


If you fail to do, basic processes including digestion to excretion would be stalled. When digestion does not happen at right time it might end up in accumulation of partially digested food products in your body, which might either be vomited or sent out through diarrhea. Still, do you think you will be getting rid of only partially digested food from your body? Well, No. Already your body is at critical situation with the low water level, if vomit or diarrhea happens along with partially digested food remaining water in your body would also be exiting your body.

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