The first thing that comes to your mind when you think about food is usually a kebab. The idea about kebabs that most people do not want to know or understand is that the way of serving the kebabs is also as important as the taste and flavor because if it looks appealing then only it would taste appealing. Also, a lot depends on the ways of preparation and the ingredients one uses in making it. Kebabs are mostly non-vegetarian that comprises of chicken and meat but there are also vegetable kebabs like paneer kebabs which are as tempting as the non-vegetarian ones and become tastier depending upon the way one prepares it. The making of Kebabs though differs in various contemporary cuisines are mostly made of meat which is often the main ingredient. All kebabs are of different styles and flavors that transport the one having it to another world immediately. Not only can that one feel they have traveled around the whole world if they have tried kebabs of different cuisines. It also has many varieties which attract a foodie at the right point. Kebabs are of various sorts and types and it tastes best when served to smoking hot!The composition of kebabs varies according to the customs and cuisine choices of different places.

Kebabs originated in earlier times and dates back to the prehistoric times. In the prehistoric times, the practice of cooking meat on a skewer was very frequent as they started cooking with fire at that time. The hot temperature that is aroused transfers the outer moisture from the flesh of the meat to the inner part very minutely. Iranian kebabs and North Indian style kebabs are the best options if one wants to understand the real taste of kebabs. Basically, Iranian kebabs are Persian style Kebab thus the style is very traditional and churns out to be mouthwatering and tempting. The most renowned kebab dish in Iran is the “Chelo Kebab”. Chelo Kebabs are made with a mixture of various organic spices and parsley and marinated with curd to retain the moisture and make the chicken/meat tender. The most important thing lies in the interesting way it is served. It is served on top of aromatic saffroned basmati with a small cube of butter on it and egg pouch over it and half burnt tomato on the sides. This unique style of serving makes it even more tempting to gorge on it. Also, remember to serve it hot and fresh which immediately attracts the trespassers and makes all your thoughts fly away!


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