Consume the cooked carrot in order to avoid hiccups

The people who wish to eat delicious at the same time healthy food can choose carrots. It has rich level dietary fiber, Vitamins B, E & C and Potassium. So, it would be the best choice for the healthy eaters. It is very popular because of its taste and health benefits but still some of the individuals have discovered that consuming raw carrots will cause the hiccups. It is not a life threatening phenomenon but makes the people to speculate why do carrots cause hiccups. In medical sector the hiccups are defined as the instinctive spasms of diaphragm.


The diaphragm is a soft muscle, which is located at the bottom of the lungs. It will start to cause the hiccup when irritated by any factors. The spasms have the ability to cause the vocal cards to contract quickly and that makes the hiccup sound from throat. The University of Maryland Medical Center has completed broad studies about the hiccups recently. The researches have explored that different types of foods such as hot, spicy, liquids and carbonated beverages can cause the hiccups to individuals. In some cases, the raw vegetables like cauliflowers and carrots can also cause hiccups. However, it may differ from one person to another.

Generally, the hiccups will cause, if the foods or drinks consumed too quickly because the consumer will inhale too much of air while eating. Some people are allergenic to the raw vegetables so consuming raw carrots also end up with hiccups. To avoid the hiccup issue, the carrots can be consumed after cooking. Similarly, the users should not consume the larger chunks of raw carrots. Taking the carrot in juice form is also an alternative method. It provides the same energy and nutrient benefits like consuming it as raw carrot and it will not cause any hiccups.

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