An anti aging treatment


Actually, human growth hormoneisSomatotropin,which is responsible for the growth of cell as well as its reproduction and made up of  peptide hormone. For the treatment of growth disorder in children and growth hormonal deficiency, we use “somatropin” which is a human growth hormone. It is also used as an anabolic agent and consumed by the player of many competitive sports. Actually growth hormone is a stress hormone which increases the concentration of glucose as well as fatty acid. Naturally the human growth hormone (HGH) is synthesize by pituitary gland which work is to synthesize the protein in the body along with renewable of tissue.

Use of HGH is restricted

Apart from GenF20 all kind of human growth hormone are illegal to use. However, some doctor prescribes to have it as a cure of anti-aging medicine. It is basically used to maintain the weight and also reverse the process of aging. Natural HGH is produce in our body but synthetic HGH is an enzyme which is being prepared in lab and used in the treatment of growth disorder in children as well as adult. About legalization of HGH, one cannot buy it without the prescription of doctor.

Risk and benefits of HGH

There are several side effect of HGH. If in body, insulin hindrance increases, swelling in joints of age and legs occurs, in men if gynecomastia happens, these are the example of the side effect of HGH. The side effect of HGH can be a heart diseases or diabetes of type 2. On the other side one of the best use of HGH is for slow aging. But sometime doctor prescribe the HGH treatment for the children or adult who have decline growth hormone production from pituitary gland. An adult who is suffering from HGH deficiency, an injection of HGH can enhance his capacity, density of bone, mass of muscle and can decrease the fat of the body. It can also be used in the adult who is suffering from less muscle due to AIDS.


People who is willing to buy human growth hormone, he should know some fact what we are going to discuss right here. One should not be suffering from cancer and the people who are having diabetes should not use or buy HGH. Apart from this, person who is having arthritis or having not a normal growth of organ, he also should not buy HGH. Always consult with your doctor when you are buying HGH.


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